Sun Chess Basic Rules
The best path to peace is the practice of war without killing, maiming, injuring or harming anyone physically, psychologically, financially, politically, or spiritually. Sun Tzu said as much when he essentially said that the best way to win a war was to do so without a single combat engagement or even a single strike.
Man's intellect grew well beyond thirty two pieces and sixty four spaces long, long ago. That is one of the reasons we still have war. Our dominant practice paradigm is still small enough that even a memory-rich but intellect-poor computer can best our ChessMasters. Sun Tzu's entire primary focus was not on memory alone, but on memory combined with one's highest capable intellect.

ImmortalStarMasters Chess

Classic Formation

ImmortalStarMasters Basic Rules
Typical Openings
StarCheck and StarMateGenesis (Arranged)

This based largely on Batsai (So Lim Sa, China, circa 1550 AD), an oriental art form based on practice for hand-to-hand combat when surrounded by eight opponents.

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